The Power of Motherhood



Today’s pregnancy isn’t like your grandmother’s pregnancy.

No longer do women hide their growing bellies beneath sheaths of fabric, tents really.   No longer do they avert their eyes and tiptoe about as if their “condition” is something shameful. Instead women are documenting and celebrating the miracle of their bodies as they  unleash the hidden power of the universe to create new life.

Today’s maternity sessions allow women of all shapes and sizes to feel good about themselves and what is happening to their bodies. We highlight that glorious baby bump using poses, dresses, lighting and settings that draw attention to a woman’s power , a power reserved solely for her.

No matter how meek or mild the girl, pregnancy changes her in ways she could never have predicted. She who was once shy, uncertain, reserved becomes bold and fierce as she discovers the power of being a woman. 

It is like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. She will stretch herself and grow herself  until she is unrecognizable even to herself  as she changes from being a woman to a mother:  a new being, fiercely in love with her new creation, and daring the world to watch what her creation will become. 

This is a time worth documenting, a time worth celebrating, a time worth holding onto for all time: the time a mother was born and the world was changed forever.


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