No peeking

Ruha Tacey was breastfeeding her child in the daycare area of a local gym when a man peeked through the window and saw her feeding her baby. He complained to the staff who then asked her to feed her baby in the restroom. Ruha’s story ended up in a local paper (The Athens News Courier).  This is how Ruha and her sweet girl Artemis ended up in front of my lens for a special breastfeeding session.

A woman’s body is a miraculous thing.  It can not only create new life, but can nourish and sustain it.  It is a beautiful  ability reserved for women alone. Let women everywhere stand together for this one idea: the right to feed our children how, where, and when the mother sees fit.









Fed is best!

The Internet can be an amazing tool.  Information is at our fingertips 24 hours a day. It’s what our parents’ generation dreamed about.  Sadly, it can also be an amazingly destructive weapon.  Every single person, whether well balanced or a little unhinged, can post anything…can make a website that looks pretty legitimate and use that website as a platform for promoting all manner of vitriol.  Even more sad is how many people get drawn into those sites or those posts to post their own opposing opinion.  And then there are the “shares”… every day our social media feeds are filled with rants and raves about every tiny aspect of our lives.

Parenting is a particularly hot-button topic on social media. Everyone and his mother has an opinion on how to parent best, starting with the moment the child leaves the womb.  Recent years have seen campaigns for breastfeeding.   It was an effort to make breastfeeding more publicly accepted…an effort to de-sexualize breastfeeding and have it accepted as just another aspect of parenting, but somehow these blogs, posts, and articles took a turn in the comments section.  There have been hundreds of comments on hundreds of posts either bashing bottle-feeding mommas for not choosing “the natural way of feeding a baby”  or shaming breastfeeding mommas as “attention-seeking exhibitionists”.

The reality is that fed is best.  Whether breastfed, bottle fed with breast milk, or bottle fed with formula, the best thing for every single baby is to just be fed. Whether a mom chooses to put cereal in her bottles when baby is 2 months old, or withhold all solids until the pediatrician gives the all clear at 6 months…whether a mom chooses to use whole milk, goat milk, soy milk, or breast milk…the only thing that really matters is that baby is fed and thriving!


So Simply Me Studio decided to spend a couple of days reveling  in the glory of motherhood!  We, as women, have enough maternal guilt in our lives without other women adding to our burdens with their judgment about our choices as mothers.  I invited 6 glorious mommas to come to the studio  to participate in a special session celebrating the diversity of decisions open to each new momma.   Every single baby, whether breastfed or bottle fed, was healthy and happy and thriving because their mommas chose to feed them in a manner that was best for their family.

Mommas, stand united and declare Fed Is Best!

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