Co-Parenting: Remembering the Best Interests of the Child

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An Unbreakable Bond

“Once there is a child, the relationship with a partner never ends. Those partners will be forever tied together even after a break up. “

Family Portraits for a Healthy Child

Modern family dynamics are often complicated. Frequently children come from split families or blended families. It can be difficult for the adults and the children even when the break up is “friendly”.  Once there is a child, the relationship with a partner never ends. Those partners will be forever tied together even after a break up.   When the adults make a proactive decision to put the best interest of the child first, good things can happen.

When parents unite to present their children a stable parenting partnership, children are healthier and happier. According to  Liaise Divorce Solutions LLC, effective co-parenting produces 5 key benefits including an increased sense of security, a healthy model for resolving conflicts, a decreased risk of substance abuse and risky behaviors later, healthier relationships with both parents,  and reduced stress for both partners and children.

Meet Haygen’s Parents

When Hollee and Gabe were expecting little Haygen, I was honored to do their maternity portraits.   They were a sweet, young couple and their maternity portraits were beautiful.

Seven months later, Hollee inquired about family portraits.  We went out to a small nearby pasture for some golden hour family portraits.  Hollee and Gabe both took a few pictures with sweet Haygen , but Hollee insisted most of the shots include all three of them.   It wasn’t until the ordering session, that Hollee informed me that she and Gabe are actually not a couple.

In hindsight, there were several clues such as their  not wanting any pictures of just them as a couple, but I had dismissed each of these clues as just nervousness or a hyperfocus on the purpose of the session, capturing family connections with Haygen.

The reality is I was right.  They were hyperfocused on Haygen.  Haygen was the reason for these portraits.  They wanted pictures for her that show how devoted they are to her well-being. Hollee and Gabe have chosen to maintain a healthy relationship with each other and with the families on both sides for Haygen’s that will serve Haygen well her whole life.

While these portraits are already beautiful on their own and stand at the top of my list of some of my favorite works, knowing the story behind them makes them all the more lovely.

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