Happily Ever Thacker

I love all my clients, but my forever clients…the ones who have been with me from the start…the ones who come back to me time and time again….they own my heart!

When Savannah, my very first senior rep,  contacted me to let me know that she was about to announce her engagement, I was beyond ecstatic!  Once she chose me as her photographer, we went to work right away planning the details of her wedding.

We began her wedding experience with a bridal session in the studio.  Savannah wanted some very special images to give to her new husband and a beautiful, classic portrait for her mother. We spent a couple of hours in the studio crafting the perfect imagery for her and laughing ourselves silly in the meantime.

Savannah and Brandon chose to have their wedding at Oliver’s Barn, my favorite new venue!  Oliver’s Barn, which opened in 2016, is a fun venue that offered a variety of options on Savannah’s wedding day.  By day, it was a lovely place, but as the afternoon nodded toward evening, it became even more lovely!


The owners of Oliver’s Barn were unbelievably gracious and helpful, even mopping the front porch of the bridal suite for us so we could bring Savannah’s gown outside for a few shots.  They hurried around the morning of the wedding making sure that everything was perfect!


I spent the first part of the day inside the bridal cottage with Savannah and her bridesmaids as they got ready for the day.

Savannah and Brandon  opted for a first look  in order to maximize their time at their reception with their guests by having all of the formal portrait finished prior to the ceremony with the exception of some sunset portraits of the bride and groom.

After the first look, we took advantage of all the venue’s nooks and crannies when it came time to take the portraits of the bride & groom and their party.  Since the venue was bathed in full sunlight, we opted to take the pre-ceremony portraits inside the barn.


We finished the formal portraits just in time to get the bridal party tucked away as guests began to arrive and the ceremony began.

Savannah and Brandon chose to do a grand entrance, rather than an exit,  to include as many of their guests as possible in the fun.  After the ceremony, the recessional line went around to the side entrance of the barn, where Savannah and Brandon did their cake cutting, after which  they made their way back out to the ceremony location where guests lined up  to blow bubbles as the happy couple were received into their reception.

Following the grand entrance, Savannah and Brandon enjoy time with their guests before opening the dance floor with  the first dance and the father-daughter dance.

Once the sun had set far enough behind the trees to provide some soft, even lighting, we took the couple out for the bride & groom  portrait session.


Brandon and Savannah’s day was a beautiful success!  I wish you many happy years and look forward to seeing your family grow! <3