It’s Time To Plan For Your Senior Year!

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Why should you plan your senior portraits at the end of your junior year?
Here’s a short list a reasons you need to get on the move so your senior year will run as smoothly as possible:
1) Good photographers book up quickly…especially in the fall.  If you want to have pictures taken during the first week of September, you should find your photographer and get on their calendar now.  If you wait until July, you might not be able to get in with the photographer of your choice.
2) Yearbook deadlines for your senior yearbook are usually pretty early.   Many yearbook sponsors need those pictures turned in by the end of the first semester.   So what if your September appointment gets rained out?  What if your photographer has nothing else available until December?  (See #1)
3) Your senior year is expensive!  If you put off doing senior portraits until  your senior year gets under way, you are just piling those expenses on top of one another.
4.) Your senior year is busy.  Go ahead and get your portraits taken care of so you can focus on the important things like homecoming, prom, and graduation!
5) Starting your senior experience early is the best way to squeeze the most out of your last year of high school!
Contact me today to get started with YOUR senior portrait experience!

Planning Your Platinum Senior Session

It’s your senior year and there is so much to do!  One of the biggest things on the list is taking care of your senior portraits.  Here are a few tips to make your platinum session amazing!

1.  Plan and book EARLY.
      The perfect time to have your session is in the early fall when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold.
The thing is you can’t wait until early fall to book your session because fall is a very busy time for photographers, so it’s important to get in the books early!
     Come in for a consultation about a month before your session so we can discuss the plan for your day.  This is when we can decide on colors, backgrounds, locations, props, and anything else you are worried about.
2. Decide on hair and make up styles. (Guys, you can skip this part. )
     Do you want your portraits to be ultra glamorous?  Do you want them to be simple and casual?  Do you want to look like you or do you want them to look like a fashion model version of you?
     With the Simply Me Studio Platinum session you can have the best of both worlds actually.    You can have a hair and make up session , come to the studio for glamour shots, then brush through your hair, restyle it, tone down your make up, and head outdoors.  OR you can come to the studio for some casual simple shots with your own hair & makeup style, then see my stylist before going out on location for the rest of your session.
3.  Decide on clothing. (Guys, you are welcome to wear the tulle gowns, too, but if that’s not you, we have suspenders, ties, newsboy caps, and other things you can borrow as well.)
 This is the hard part.  What do you wear?  Do you want to wear tulle gowns, lace, and jewels?  Do you want to wear your ripped jeans and favorite T-shirt?
There’s no reason you can’t have it all.  Pick a couple of casual outfits  and pick a couple of high-end fashionista outfits.  With the platinum session, your options are practically endless.
Most importantly, consider your colors.  Remember neon colors don’t photograph well.  Soft, solid colors are most flattering.  Wild patterns can be a huge distraction in photographs. Avoid graphic tees unless there is a specific reason to include it in your session.
4.   Be prepared. Make a list of everything you need to bring with you on the day of your session.
Your class ring
Your letterman jacket
Your props (sporting gear, hunting gear, musical instrument, favorite book, etc.)
Your undergarments (the right color panties, bras, socks, tube tops, wifebeaters,  etc.)
Your shoes (boots for this outfit, sneakers for that outfit)
Your dog
Your make up (for touch ups)
Your chapstick/lip gloss
Also, make sure your hands are freshly manicured.
Avoid spray tans just prior to your session.
Avoid getting sunburnt and tan lines…especially multiple tan lines.

Be sure you put on plenty of lotion in the days before your session.

5. Relax and have fun!
Seriously.  Don’t stress out. Just chill.  You will be amazing!