The Shape of a Woman

I have been dabbling in women’s portraiture in the form of “Beautiful You” sessions. I love them.  Women of all ages come in , dress up, and take portraits that make them look and feel younger and more beautiful.   One thing led to another and I found myself more and more drawn to boudoir sessions.  I am positively smitten!

In fact, I am so smitten I have opened a sister group to the Simply Me Studio brand called Simply Me After Dark on Facebook.   It’s a private group for adult women over the age of 21 where we can discuss boudoir portraits, share favorite lingerie links, and share some images of some of my gorgeous clients and models.

One of the things I’ve discovered  through this venture is that all women, regardless of size, shape, or age are self-conscious about at least one part of their bodies. Every single woman who comes in for a session invariably has something negative to say about her face, her butt, her arms, her belly, her knees, or her feet.  Without fail.

Here’s what I want you to know.  YOU are a woman, therefore you are inherently beautiful. You have the shape of a woman. The shape of a woman is beautiful… the soft curve of the lower abdomen, the swing of a full hip, the gentle rise of breasts… Then men who love you, they love ALL of you.  They love every square inch of you.  Their hands and their eyes adore you.  We as women need to learn to embrace ourselves the way they do…with wild abandon!  So when you come in for your portraits do not discount their adoration.  Love yourself as they do. Be confident in your own skin. Celebrate your femininity.

I have created a Pinterest board full of wardrobe ideas for every body shape and size.  There are beautiful, sexy options for hiding the areas of your body you are least comfortable with so that you can be confident in your portraits.

If you do not like your arms, there are gorgeous kimonos to drape off your shoulders. If you do not like your belly, there are so many sexy babydoll gowns,  teddies,  and camis to wear. If you do not like your thighs or think your legs are too short, there are long gowns that are sultry and hot!

With the right wardrobe choices, the right poses, and the right attitude, you will be a goddess in your boudoir session and the men who love you will have to pick their jaws up off the floor!