My sweet husband and I, courtesy of Bookout Studios.

my philosophy

I believe printed photographs are absolutely vital.   That’s why all of my standard sessions come with a print credit. Digital images are nice for sharing, but after a few days those images are so far down in your feed, you may never see them again, but beautiful images that are printed and hung in your home are visible every single day.  Technology changes and becomes obsolete.  CD’s and DVD’s will one day be a thing of the past, but your prints will always be in style.

I believe a photography session should be a complete experience, rather than just an hour in front of a camera.

I believe photography is a unique art because it is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject.

my business

I am a high school teacher by trade. I developed an interest in sports photography through my role as the yearbook sponsor.  Then when my granddaughter came along I developed an interest in boutique style photography.  I am entirely self-taught. I do not claim to be a professional.  Instead, I consider myself a hobbyist who has gone into business for herself.  Going into business wasn’t something I planned. It was just a hobby, but things just happened, and over the course of the past 3 years, I have learned a LOT about running a business.  There’s so much more to it than I ever knew.

my equipment

I am a Canon girl!  I started with a Canon Rebel T3, and have since upgraded to a full frame Canon 6D and 5D Markiii.

I love my 5D markiii!  My lens kit (also known as my babies) includes a Canon 24-70mm, 2.8L, a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 ,  a Canon 85mm, and a Tokina 100mm.

My bag is a Porteen Gear bag and a hideous old suitcase that rolls when I have to carry light stands and strobes with me.

my story

I’m a weirdo.   I’m awkward and funny and self-deprecating, but in a charming, precious kind of way!  It kind of works to your advantage because if you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, I promise by the time I am finished being my weird, awkward self, you will feel pretty good about yourself! LOL

I am most comfortable behind the camera.  It is my talisman.  It gives me the power to do things I cannot do when I don’t have it in my hand.  In my “regular” life, I am fairly reclusive; I hate the outdoors; I’m scared of EVERYTHING; but once I put the camera in my hand I can suddenly talk to total strangers and spend hours hiking around outside and fearlessly conquer spider webs and face all kinds of bugs and scary critters.   Totally weird, huh? I can’t explain it.

I love to read and especially love to spend time with my grandbabies, who are 4 and 2.   I travel a LOT to keep up with my youngest daughter as she plays softball all over the world.

my style

I am fairly eclectic.  I adore vintage clothing and sets and the term “boho” fits my personality pretty well.   I love using headbands, lots of lace, and old props in my stylized sessions.   My editing style depends greatly on the kind of session I am working on. Generally I go one of two ways: a clean, crisp edit or a textured, vignetted edit with a rich matte finish.

I also love black and white photos!

my favorites

I love flavored coffee…technically I like coffee flavored milk, but that is neither here nor there!

My favorite book is The Shack. It just fed my soul.

My favorite clothing store is Martin’s!  Martin’s just digs me and my style!

My favorite TV show is definitelyThe Walking Dead!

What now?

Are you ready to book a session?  Send me an e-mail so we can connect. I want to discuss your ideas and help you plan the perfect session to meet your needs.

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